Seiya Ueno

Guidance and control of aerospace systems
Artificial satellite, Optimal control

Takehiro Higuchi

Guidance and control of aerospace systems
Aerial robotics, Optimal control

Koji Miyaji

High-speed gas dynamics
Aerodynamic performance, Computational fluid dynamics


Graduate students, Undergraduate students


2016/08/16 2016年8月 研究グループのホームーページをリニューアルしました。

Research Group

The Aerospace System Research Group belongs to College of Engineering Science - Department of Architecture, Infrastructure, Ocean Engineering and Ecosystem Science - Systems Design for Ocean-Space Education Program in Yokohama National University. (The Education Program will be moving Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering from 2017) It seems awkward from the view point of the framework, but aerospace engineering is part of integrated engineering where multi-disciplinary background of science and engineering is important for research and development in this field.

The professors in our research group belongs to two different graduate school, Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences and Faculty of Engineering. Although the graduate students in the lab also belongs to the graduate schools according to their professor, but the seminars and events will be held together in the research group. Each student will have their own theme for their dissertation in the fields such as flight control, computational fluid dynamics, development of small UAVs, and others. We aim to study about ingenious and challenging themes for future development of the aerospace society.